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Welcome To Chatterbox!

Here are some helpful hints to make your stay more enjoyable!

The phone number for the house is 242-333-2348.

The housekeeper, Eartha Thompson, arrives daily (excluding Sundays) to make beds, clean dishes and wash household laundry. Cooking and personal laundry is "extra" and arrangements can be made with her. A gratuity of $20 per person, per week is customary and is appreciated by the housekeeper.

Colored towels are for the beach, white towels are for the bath. Please leave white towels at home. While there is rarely tar on the fabulous pink sand beach, it's not unheard of so you may end up bringing some home with you. Please use the tar remover by the outdoor shower.  If you can't find tar remover, oil based tanning lotion or baby oil works in a pinch.

The "Chatterbox" frosted plastic cups in the kitchen are "roadies" and we encourage you to use them when journeying out in lieu of glassware and tumblers.

Being a small island, water and electricity are precious commodities and we try and conserve as much as possible without compromising our comfort! Please hang up towels you will use again and be sure to turn off air conditioners and lights when not needed.

All of Chatterbox's candles are battery powered. Please don't try and light them with matches! If you bring wax candles into the house, please be mindful and don't leave them unattended.

Be sure to lock the doors and windows when leaving the house. There is an electronic safe (works with your credit card) and we encourage you to leave your valuables in it.

If you have any questions, please contact Geraldine Albury or Alex Alexiou at Island Real Estate. (242) 333-2377 or (242) 333-2278!

Enjoy your stay!!

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